Monday, February 7, 2011

Thanks for joining me on this journey......

Thanks for joining me on this journey. I have been a long time modeller and collector of model railway items and in particular in HO scale of the Victorian Railways (VR) - modelled on standard HO track to represent the 5'3" broad gauge system that dominated most of the State.

Much of my Victorian Railways motive power and rollingstock is from the period of around the late 1960's through to about the early 1990's, with much emphasis on the transition from the Blue & Gold era of the VR to the Tangerine & Orange colors of Vic Rail & then V/Line. This period was chosen as it gave rise to the opportunity to model a variety of motive power and rollingstock in several different color schemes - adding that point of difference to the collection and the now under construction layout.

More recently I have also decided to venture into the wonderful world of modelling the Western Australian narrow gauge system of the WAGR in Sn3.5 - a well represented Scale & Gauge combination here in Western Australia. S scale modelling on standard HO track gives a very convincing and accurate representation of the 3'6" narrow gauge system.

My models are a collection of; ready to run - off the shelf, kit built, kit bashed and scratch built models in brass, white metal, resin, plastic & styrene with many of them using a mixture of all to acheive the desired results.

Furthermore this will give me an opportunity to display my Victorian Railways "home" layout that is currently under construction as well as my WAGR Sn3.5 portable, minimum space "exhibition" layout that is also under construction.

Who needs therapy when you can just build two layouts, simultaneously ?

On that note, please enjoy & feel free to leave comments.

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